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Your City’s Future Is in Your Hands

How many of us have the habit of reporting some unusual incidents that we see on the road? Perhaps, a very few in number. Do you recollect any incident of life, which you regret that you should have brought to the notice, before it was too late?

We are so engrossed in our busy lives, that we tend to subside some of the important factors that may harm us in the future. If we neglect an open pothole while walking on the streets, it might result into swallowing any of us in future.

The above is just a mere example, but a very serious one.More than 15000 personal injury cases are recorded every month per city. The accidents occur majorly amongst the elders and kids.

There are hundreds of factors that can help reduce the number of such injuries, if brought to the notice on time. It is our duty to be responsible enough and take measures to eradicate the occurrence of such accidents. Many cases such as slip and fall, have become a common issue of concern, in the cities.

Steps that can be taken to keep the city safe from personal accidentsand injuries are mentioned below:

1.    Do not throw the garbage on the road from your house, as this is against social ethic and may lead someone to fall from it.

2.    If you see any open pothole that has a risk of someone falling in, immediately report it to the authorities, so that it can be fixed in time.

3.    Keep the surrounding areas clean and notify people of the same, so that it can help us to live in a clean society.

4.    Do not throw the drinking bottles on the streets, as you have elders walking on the streets, who might fail to notice and may slip through it.

5.    A clean environment always promotes better health, with no accidents and injuries.

6.    If we practice these things now, our generations will follow the same which will help in reducing the number of accidents.

7.    Piling up garbage on the roads will increase in wrong utilization of space. You may rather fill garbage bags and ask the garbage vans to pick them from your home.

8.    Post warning signs by taking a normal print out in case of any damaged part of the road, or an area where there is water logging.

9.    Place warning signs at offices where construction is going on to make sure the people enter carefully.

10.    When the elevator is out of service, inform the security staff or facilities so that respective actions can be taken in order to avoid any mishap.

11.    Abide by the laws and never try to ignore them since they would return to you in future

12.    Take the responsibility and believe in the saying; “I can do it” rather ‘”Why should I do it”

Wherever possible, take help from injury attorney, in case you find anyone injured and immediately take them to the hospital.

Following the above would ensure that your kids would live in a proper city where people are responsible and care for each other’s health.